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Discover us and travel together!


DRIVEMEBYBUS is a brand of a French tour operator present for more than 50 years on the local market of the high Alps in Briancon, close to Serer chevalier.


Each year more than 200 000 visitors trust us to travel with us safely and peacefully in one of our 30 vehicles:


autocars, autobus, shuttle bus, minibus and VSL for your trips in groups of individuals companies, and associations and whatever your events!

Have the spirit Drive Me By Bus


Our bus company briancon, bus company serre chevalier or shuttle company transport in the high Alps ensures the transport of groups of travelers wishing to go from the high Alps to other cities in France: Lyon, Marseille, Grenoble, Geneve, Paris ...


and welcomes travelers wishing to make a road trip, holidays, rent a chalet, an apartment, a villa in the high Alps especially for its winter sports such as skiing, summer sports like hiking and all year round for aeration and ballads. DRIVE ME BY BUS is a tourism player in local transport in the high Alps whose head office is in Briancon (05100). With our digital quote policy we can offer you the best price at the best time.


The more you are, the more you book in advance and the lower the fare, much like airlines and railways. Our company DRIVEMEBYBUS is French and transports local, national and international actors. Our customers are french, english, russian, italian, american, english, dutch, spanish and canadian ...


Would you like to know our rates and benefit from an advantageous group rate? Contact us now. The essential of our clientele are constituted groups. We find groups like associations who wish on a day, a weekend to leave to play sports, get fresh ideas, discover new landscapes and tourism.


We have companies and CEs that want to conduct seminars, visit factory or production sites. We can conclude deals with groups of individuals especially during ceremonies or private events like a wedding, baptism or death.


We have a big clientele of local authorities for transportation and school trips. Finally we receive other foreign tour operators who entrusts a large number of foreign groups wishing to enjoy the high Alps and sports cities like Briancon, Serre Chevalier. Free Quote ? 

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