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Your group

Your group of tourists or travelers wants to travel in the high Alps or to his last? Whether you are a company, a professional, an EC (works council), a group of individuals for an event, a school group, a school, a local community or an association, the Drive Me By Bus team accompanies you in your journey and make you enjoy its vehicles adapted to your requirements: Bus, Autocars, Minibus, VSL, Shuttles, or any other vehicles adapted to the terrain and the situation.


With Drive Me By Bus your bus company specializing in the transport of groups of people in the high Alps you will love to travel! Our team accompanies you throughout the year and makes available to your group of individuals, your associative group, your company group and CE one of its 30 vehicles to their arrangements with drivers.


Whether you want to travel in high alpine autocars, bus on Briancon, Serre Chevalier, Embrun, Gap ... or by minibus, bus, shuttle ... Our team will take you to the right destination from the high Alps: Briancon, Serre Chevalier, Laragne, Embrun, Gap, L'argentiere ... at a given meeting point such as a train station, airport, hotel, a place and take you to the destination of your choice. If you want to join the high Alps the principle is the same, and our team takes care of routing your company for your seminars, visit factories, production sites ... your association or club for a language visit, sightseeing , sports tour (hiking, skiing ...) or your group of individuals if you have a specific event whether it is festive or not (wedding, EVG, EVJF, burial, communion etc ...)


You are a local community like a school group, a school, a high school, a college with the purpose of making a school trip, a green discovery class, an educational trip, your group is supported by Drive Me By Bus and we Let's take care of transporting you, your friends, your colleagues, your partners and collaborators on the roads of the Alps, all year, 24/7 in all weather conditions to bring you to your point of arrival. You are a group and you want a quote to travel by autocars, bus, shuttle, mini bus for an event on Briancon, Serre Chevalier ... and you want one of the best autobus companies in the region with 50 years experiences and having taken more than 200,000 travelers around the world?


Then contact our sales team for more information and a free quote

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